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Smą̄ ī Beyheimi

Skērlāki est gāʀvag jȫnn kvanni. Holvag heyʀaði jak at jānn jānna namni annim heitiʀ. Jāmm gą̄ð jȫnn yfri, auk hlȳðsað yfri, alląʀ kynjaʀ jānnaʀ.


smą̄ ī beyheim-i
skērlāk-i est gāʀ-vag jȫnn kvann-i
hol-vag heyr-aði jak at jānn jānna namn-i ann-im heit-iʀ.
jāmm gą̄-ð jȫnn yfri, auk hlȳðs-að yfri, all-ąʀ kyn-jar jānnaʀ.

scandal in is.3sg.pres.ind same-itr 3sg.nom.fem
small-itr hear-1sg.pas.ind 1sg.nom sub 3sg.nom.masc 3sg.acc.fem call-3sg.pres.ind
3sg.dat.masc go-3sg.pres.ind 3sg.nom.fem over, and power-3sg.pres.ind over, all-pl.acc.fem 3sg.gen.fem


Scandal in Bohemia

To Sherlock she is always the woman. I seldom heard that he called her by another name. To him she goes above and overpowers all of her gender.

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