Irregular nouns are listed here.

From EnglishEdit


and - -d (encl. put in the end of a word after all declensions, conjugations, etc)

bomb - faxos (masc. see irregular nouns)

brother - rráþas (masc. type 1 -às decl.)

brother-in-law - báras (masc. suffix)

civil war - rraþpádard (neu. consonant-ending)

conscience - ẓasajs (masc. see irregular nouns)

deity - þkav (neu. consonant-ending)

fish - ɣotis (masc. regular -is ending)

friend - monis (masc. -is)

god - þkavaxs (masc. leniting polysyllable -s ending; hard stem þkàvàk-)

human - baras (masc. type-1 -as decl.)

language - nekvas (fem. see irregular nouns)

name - kalmas (masc. reduced polysyllable stem -as decl.)

parent - vras (masc. vowelless stem -as decl.)

uncle (maternal) - ng'kas (masc. reduced monosyllable stem -as decl.)

uncle (paternal) - djers (masc. monosyllable -s decl. without lenition)

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