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Ve'Cyel is the constructed language of the fictional world Ari'Vecielm. It is the language of the planet Ari'Vecielm and the Wills of the Planet.


The language is the language of the mother planet Ari'Vecielm, and is used by other planets as a means of communication, controlling weather and terrains. It is very similar to Ar Ciela in Ar Tonelico, but it has another level of power and usage.


The language

Letter IPA Sound Description Emotion/Concept Letter IPA Sound Description Emotion/Concept
a b /b/
c d /d/ death, mortality
e /ɛ/ holy, aether, divinity f /f/ I, me, myself
g /g/ h /h/
i /ɪ/ j /ʤ/
k /k/ you, other person l /l/
m /m/ n /n/ destruction, ruination, chaos
o p /p/
q /k/ r /r/
s /s/ t /t/
u /ʊ/ v /v/
w /w/ god, deity x
y /j/ z /z/ wish, desire, request
ø ß
θ ʘ /ʧ͡ʰ/
ϕ ȹ
ð ə


Oh god, through my life and your great love
    w            f  i        k        sss



Below is a chart of the known emotions in the dialect. The emotions vary by letter combination, and they are all divided into 4 groups. These emotion classes, when spoken, sound as if they are echoed or distorted slightly. The horizontal letters go first, and the vertical letters go last. The Letter Combinations are separated by a (') if next to each other or a capital letter, and are always written in capital

Advanced Grammar- Level 2 Edit

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