Common Vitel Note is a fan-made dialect of Hymmnos, a language created by Akira Tsuchiya for the game Ar tonelico. It is used primarily by male reyvateils on the Ar tonelico server, though it is meant to be the main dialect of the as-yet-nonexistent Cor Varda server.

You can visit the original Hymmnos conlang here:



The False Origin, Zalia, who hacked Ar tonelico in order to create Vitel Hymmnos.

Note: This story has been adapted to the Ar tonelico roleplay, "Ar tonelico ~ A Requiem for the Dying World", which takes place on the surface of Ar ciel a thousand years after the end of Ar tonelico III. In this roleplay, the characters (male and female reyvateils) are students of a military academy which trains them to combat the many terrorist organizations which have arisen in this chaotic time. To read more, please visit here:

The Vitel dialect was created by the False Origin Zalia, a Pure Y-Activated Reyvateil (in other words, a male reyvateil created from scratch). The first words, which are now called Rucce Vitel, were made during his innocent and gentle youth. Later, after several turbulent events, he made up the violent Zarow Vitel. These words were only nonsense at the time, as they were not recognized by Ar tonelico. With the help of an intelligent hacking reyvateil, however, Zalia illegally inputted the Vitel Dialect into the Ar tonelico server and could use it from then on.

The Vitel dialect is meant to be used for Zalia's dream server, Cor Varda. He is taking grand steps towards creating the server through his acts of terror, amassing the power and resources needed to create a country and tower befitting his ambitions.


Vitel is written using Hymmnos Glyphs.

Hym font ver updata

Hymmnos glyphs. Updated to the 1.1 version (borrowed from



Since Vitel dialect is contained on the Ar tonelico server, all songs are named the same way as a normal Ar tonelico song would be.



The extension for songs in the Cor Varda server is INTER.



How to name songsEdit

Hymns, made when a reyvateil creates a song after downloading a Hymn Crystal, are simply named with EXEC and the Hymn name.


Song magic, which is more common and often used in battle, has "hymme" added to the name.


If the song name (for both Hymns and Song Magic) is made of several words, the words are separated using "=".


Emotion SoundsEdit

Taking inspiration from the efficient and powerful emotion verbs of Pastalia, emotion sounds in Vitel are compressed into a single Word composed of a base, an emotion syllable, and a number.

Type of Emotion (Base) Desire to Last or Context (Syllable) Intensity (Number)
  • a.vi_ - Impatient, anxious, fatigued, frenetic
  • c.az_ - Concentrated, focused, in a trance
  • e.o_ - Resolved, brave, wanting to protect, determined
  • f.ce_ - Altruistic, caring, pitying, merciful, kind
  • h.dz_ - Evil, bloodthirsty, sadistic, cruel
  • j.l_ - Lonely, hollow, nostalgic, wistful
  • l.ru_ - Sad, melancholy, despair
  • n.nn_ - Nothing, empty, void of all emotion
  • o.tl_ - Earnest, shameless, desperate
  • r.at_ - Confused, conflicted, struggling, unsure
  • t.ka_ - Hopeful, wishful, secretive
  • v.su_ - Excited, nervous, in a fervor, rush
  • y.es_ - Happy, glad, joyful, ecstatic
  • z.ri_ - Angry, hateful, enraged, negative, annoyed
  • As- - I never wanted to feel this way, I hate this
  • Ea- - I want to feel this way forever
  • Is- - I'm uncomfortable, I don't really want to feel this way
  • Ka- - I need to feel this way, I want to continue feeling like this for the sake of my objective
  • Or- - I want this to end, I don't want to feel like this
  • Ue- - It's okay with me, I don't mind, I'm all right with this
  • Uk- - I'm annoyed, I don't want to feel this way, it bothers me that I feel this way
  • Us- - I don't care, whatever, it doesn't matter
  • Ya- - I want this to last
  • 0 - Not at all, nothing (negation of emotion)
  • 1 - Barely, a tiny bit
  • 2 - A little
  • 3 - A bit
  • 4 - Somewhat, not very much
  • 5 - Fairly
  • 6 - A lot
  • 7 - Very much
  • 8 - Extremely, overwhelmingly
  • 9 - This is all I feel, I'm swallowed up by this emotion

The Emotion Word is composed by placing a Syllable into the space indicated by the period "." and a number into the "_" space.

hEa-dz9 (h.dz_ + Ea- + 9)
Feeling insane bloodlust and wanting to feel that way forever

Like in Standard Hymmnos, the Emotion Words are placed at the beginning of the sentence. They are separated from the rest of the sentence by a slash (/).

Basic StructureEdit

Let's show a simple sentence in Vitel:

yEa-es9 / fwol aweet huedy
Feeling overwhelmingly happy and wanting to feel like this forever, I send a sadistic song.
(Feeling happy) / (verb: carry, send) (noun/object: song, melody) (adjective: sadistic, evil)

Vitel Hymmnos, like other forms of Hymmnos, uses "I" as the default pronoun. You don't need to write "I do something" because the subject "I" is already implied by the emotion sounds.

If the person doing the action in the sentence is not "I", then there are two ways the sentence can be arranged.

If the emotion word is present, write the verb after the emotion word and connect the subject of the sentence to the verb using a dash.

zUk-ri3 / ichn-tuo onur svarci
I'm annoyed; you're really a stupid mistake.
(To be annoyed) / (verb: to be)-(pronoun: you) (adjective: stupid) (noun/object: mistake)

If there is no emotion and the sentence is like that of a story in third person, then the subject is placed first and the verb after that.

worin sheser suo gevalan
The birds search over the clouds.
(noun: bird)(plural suffix) (verb: to search) (preposition: over) (noun: cloud)(plural suffix)

Particles (Prepositions)Edit

There are no particles such as "the" or "a" in Vitel; words are used directly without them. Many times particles don't need to be used, except when the verb affects something outside of yourself.

For example, if you want to say "I turn into a song" (excel aweet), there's no need to use any particles because the target of the action (to turn into) is the same as the speaker (I).

If the target is an indirect object, a particle may be used. In the sentence "breig luuhan des ibise" (I hide my tears in my dream), the word des is the preposition meaning inside, within. Luuhan (tears) is the direct object since it is the thing that is directly affected by the verb breig (to hide). For example, if you say, "What did you hide?" the reply is "My tears." On the other hand, ibise (dream) is the indirect object which is affected by the verb through the other thing. If you ask "Where did you hide your tears?", the answer would be "In my dream." Thus, indirect objects can be used with particles/prepositions. However, they are not required.

In other words, direct objects are the answers to "What" questions, while indirect objects are answers to "Who/How/Where".


Adjectives and adverbs are placed behind the word they are describing.

warden orz
Despairing World
cinta doulcce
Sweet Thoughts


Owning something else (literally, having something belong to you) is shown by two ways.

One, the owner is placed in front of the owned noun.

mai kroko
My heart

Two, using the uz (of) particle.

kroko oz mai
Heart of mine

Position MarkingEdit

Position Markers are particles that indicate the position of something, such as whether something is "over", "under", "behind" or "in front of" another thing. It is exactly the same as in English.

Advanced Grammar RulesEdit


Inisphere is a function only available in Vitel Hymmnos. Using inisphere enters the reyvateil into a state where his emotions (and therefore power) are amplified tremendously. In exchange, the reyvateil's rationality is reduced and he may be overwhelmed by the power and feelings.

Using inisphere is extremely easy. It begins with a simple code, and the special inisphere words can be used from then on. They are in all caps and end in "/.". Normal Vitel can be used while activating inisphere.

ini :// GGAKRO/.
hEa-dz9 / ruenar ta parcui

And that's it.


Vitel features a series of suffixes which can be attached to nouns, verbs, or merely placed at the ends of sentences.


Simply place -n after a noun to indicate it is plural.

vie (wing)
vien (wings)

Sentence EndersEdit

These are particles which can be used like exclamation points, question marks, and so on. They can also be used as suffixes on verbs or nouns to indicate excitement or confusion.

  • zo - Question mark
  • ze - Excitement, happy exclamation
  • za - Angry shout

Verb into an AdjectiveEdit

Use the suffix -ada on a verb to make it describe a noun which came previously.

cuplan an alrowan
breigada des walasye
(The sins and virtues
Nested within mankind)

Here, the verb is breig (to nest, be inside).

Linked SubjectsEdit

The suffix cil is used when introducing a new subject which is related to the previous subject, for example:

worin sheser suo gevalan
viencil refer omnis
(The birds search over the clouds
Clad in wings who watch over everything)

Here, the second subject, vien (wings) has the -cil suffix to show that it is a part of (related to) the previous subject, worin (birds). Literally without -cil, the sentences mean "Birds search over clouds, wings watch over everything". With cil, however, the meaning changes to show that the birds have those wings which watch over everything.

Another example is like this: "A soldier slashes / Sword blazes". Using the -cil suffix on the sword, the meaning changes to "A soldier slashes using a sword which blazes".

As such, -cil can be shown as meaning "[first subject] [verb] with, using, or having [second subject] which [verb]."

Hymn CodeEdit

The Cor Varda server currently accepts two types of Hymn Code: the Cor Varda Hymn Code and the Ar tonelico Hymn code (Ex. MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO).

Cor Varda hymn code is comprised of two parts, in the form of #x#. The first digit displays the power level of the reyvateil, or how many functions they have access to. The second displays the order in which they were registered.

Power Level Meaning
0 Highest rank. Can draw 100% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has access to all of Cor Varda's functions. Equivalent to Origin type Reyvateil in the Ar tonelico server. Rank that is only given to the Administrator of Cor Varda.
00 Second highest rank. Can draw 90% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has access to almost all of Cor Varda's functions. Only the Four Judges can use this.
1 Third rank. Can draw 80% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has access to many of Cor Varda's functions. Equivalent to β-type Reyvateil in the Ar tonelico server.
2 Fourth rank. Can draw 75% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has access to some of Cor Varda's functions. Lies somewhere between a β-type Reyvateil and a A rank 3rd Generation Reyvateil in the Ar tonelico server.
3 Fifth rank. Can draw 65% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has access to few of Cor Varda's functions. Equivalent to an A to B rank 3rd Generation Reyvateil in the Ar tonelico server.
4 Sixth rank. Can draw up to 50% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has access to very few of Cor Varda's functions. Equivalent to a C rank 3rd Generation Reyvateil.
5 Seventh rank, and the lowest. Can draw up to 15% of Cor Varda's power at most. Has no access to any of Cor Varda's functions. Equivalent to between a D rank 3rd Generation Reyvateil to a human's power.

(Note: This rank is very rarely used, and is usually implemented on destructive or malicious Reyvateils to seal their power. Their old Hymn Code is suspended, but can be retrieved later on. There are few Reyvateils born with a 5 power level, and those that are usually decide to live like normal humans.)

To demonstrate this, let's break down the Hymn Code of some Reyvateils.


-Hymn Code of the Administrator of Cor Varda

-0 is the highest digit, so this Reyvateil can draw the most power and use the most functions from Cor Varda

-x0 means he is the first and only Reyvateil in the power level of the first digit (0). Meaning, no other reyvateil can have a 0 before the x.


-1 is the 3nd highest digit, so this Reyvateil is one of the more powerful ones.

-x106 means he is the 106th Reyvateil to be in the 1 rank.


-5 means he has no access to Cor Varda's functions besides singing and has limited power.

-x4 means he is the 4th Reyvateil to be in the 5 rank.


From the main Hymmnos Conlang:

  • Nel - 0
  • Nnoi - 1
  • Ji - 2
  • Dri - 3
  • Fef - 4
  • Vira - 5
  • Ixe - 6
  • Hept - 7
  • Oct - 8
  • Nei - 9
  • Dec/de - 10
  • Hec/he - 100
  • Kik/ki - 1000
  • Mik/mi - 10000

The second form of the decimals is used when combining, in a manner similar to Japanese. For instance, jide is 20 and kik octohe ixede octo is 1868.


Although Common Vitel Hymmnos is one dialect, there are several types of words within Vitel which are used in different situations, have different connotation, or have a different amount of power. There are six main types of Vitel:

  • Common Vitel- Standardized Vitel which has a "neutral" connotation and is commonly used in all types of songs. Does not have any outstanding power, but is flexible.
  • Rucce Vitel- Vitel that is commonly used for supportive songs, such as healing or barriers. These words contain more optimistic connotations, and are maximized by feelings of peace, calm, happiness, and bravery.
  • Zarow Vitel- Vitel that is commonly used for offensive songs, like attacking or disrupting. These words contain more pessimistic connotations, and are maximized by feelings of anger, hatred, sorrow, and fear.
  • Alpha Note (Zalia)- These are words that were composed by the Administrator of the Cor varda server, Zalia. All of these words are accessible to all Cor varda reyvateils except those of the fifth rank (prisoner rank). These words are generally high-powered, so only high-ranked reyvateils use them often.
  • Arpheno Delta- Words created by 1st Ranking reyvateils. These words are codewords that contain special meaning and power which were interpreted by the reyvateil that created them, and can only be used by 1st Ranking reyvateils or higher. These words are much more powerful than other types of Vitel, and as such, restrictions were made to their usage.
  • Inisphere- These are words which can only be used during Inisphere, and there are several types.

There are also words with System purposes, which are only used when interacting with the server, whether by commands or by Hymn Crystals.


Words that can only be used in the Cor Varda server.

Hymmnos Word Class Meaning Dialect
AHYAZH fulmination (negative) Inisphere
al adj./adv. all, everything, the entirety of (something), completely Rucce Vitel
algere adv. maybe, possibly (with connotations of teasing, playing around) Zarow Vitel
alrowa n. virtue, grace Arpheno Delta
an conj. and, so Common Vitel
aweet n. song, tune, melody, sound waves Rucce Vitel
blufftiwup n. great skill and ownage on a level beyond most mortal men Arpheno Delta
BOKIS savior (negative) Inisphere
breig v. to nest, to be inside, to be the core of, to be concealed (within something) Arpheno Delta
byuwoc v. to betray, deceive, backstab, be undercover Zarow Vitel
caljyor n. circuit, wire, wiring, link, connection Arpheno Delta
ci conj. if, should ~ happen then ~ Common Vitel
cie n. sky Common Vitel
cinta n. feeling, emotion, thought Rucce Vitel
cintee v. to love, adore, like Rucce Vitel
cor adj. only, important, basis, unique Common Vitel
CSAROK transition (positive) Inisphere
CYARCE change (positive) Inisphere
DANDANN emptiness (negative) Inisphere
des prep. within, inside Common Vitel
dieavow n./v. prayer, wish, to pray, hope (for), wishing from the bottom of the heart Alpha Note (Zalia)
doulcce n./adj. (to taste) sweet, sweetness, sugary Common Vitel
duglt v. to commit suicide, to kill oneself Zarow Vitel
DUNBIS ruins (negative) Inisphere
e part. Right? Isn't that so? Hey, listen! (Equivalent of Japanese ne) Common Vitel
eis part. for, to, towards, at (indicates direction) Common Vitel
et part. to, towards, at Common Vitel
excel v. to change, transform, turn into Common Vitel
FACIFRA dispersion (negative) Inisphere
FAGUA scattering (negative) Inisphere
fait v. to do, perform, act Common Vitel
FAXBAO blocking (negative) Inisphere
ferus adj./n. iron, metal Alpha Note (Zalia)
FRIBACH movement (neutral) Inisphere
FUGORG purging (negative) Inisphere
FUJAG exile (negative) Inisphere
FUMI bias (negative) Inisphere
fwol n./v. (tattered) wings, to carry, convey, send (negatively) Zarow Vitel
gannuzod v. to crumble away, to erode, to disintegrate Zarow Vitel
gaurjyui n./v. punishment, to punish Zarow Vitel
gevala n. cloud, wisp, smoke, white fields Common Vitel
gezar n. criminal, traitor, coward, evil one Zarow Vitel
GANRU elimination (negative) Inisphere
GGAKRO destruction (negative) Inisphere
GHOUHOD burning (negative) Inisphere
gragar adj. large, huge, enormous Zarow Vitel
huedy adj. evil, sadistic, bloodthirsty Common Vitel
HYFAJ thunderstrike (negative) Inisphere
ibise n. dream, a sweet dream, nostalgia Rucce Vitel
ichn v. to be, exist, is Zarow Vitel
ihaasn n./v. hope, pray Rucce Vitel
is adv. while doing ~, do ~ then do ~

(Used when describing two actions (verbs) in one sentence. Like an "and" used between verbs only)

Common vitel
ist v. to be, exist, is Common Vitel
JIRRAK short-circuit (negative) Inisphere
KARNFE disruption (negative) Inisphere
ker conj. for, because, since, after all Common Vitel
kroko n. essence, soul, heart, (genetic) make-up Zarow Vitel
lasqa n./v./adj. lust, adore, affectionate, love or like something superficially Zarow Vitel
lied n. song, tune, melody Zarow Vitel
liefd v. to take care of, worry over, to meddle oneself in others' affairs, (sometimes) to understand Zarow Vitel
lumlie v. to be saved, to repent, to beg for your life Zarow Vitel
luuha n. tears, crying, grief Rucce Vitel
manarem n. concept, idea Common Vitel
marre n. life, existence Zarow Vitel
mawat adj. altruistic, pitying, caring Common Vitel
mez conj. but, however, even so Zarow Vitel
NAGIX crucifixion (negative) Inisphere
NASNOF repulsion (negative) Inisphere
nome v. to name, identify, call (something) Common Vitel
og conj. and, for Zarow Vitel
ojo n. all-seeing eye, powerful eye, Velvet Eye Arpheno Delta
onur adj. stupid, idiotic, foolish Alpha Note (Zalia)
oonsa n./v. betrayal, to deceive, backstab, lie (to), have regrets Rucce Vitel
orz n./v./adj. despair, despairing, grief, in shock, hopeless Common Vitel
pahit n./adj. (to taste) bitter, bitterness Common Vitel
parcui n. sin, mistake, error, fault Zarow Vitel
pardona v. to forgive, to pardon Alpha Note (Zalia)
PFFEROG expulsion (negative) Inisphere
plamaror n. amplification Common Vitel
popica n./adj. Nature, natural, organic Common Vitel
PRAFAG retaliation (negative) Inisphere
qevrra n./adj./adv. One's true self, truthful, truly Alpha Note (Zalia)
quasere n./adv. anything, something, in general Common Vitel
radska adj./adv. heavy, heavily, anxious, troubled Zarow Vitel
refer v. to watch, look, observe

(with connotations of being all-seeing, omniscient)

Arpheno Delta
RIFGA arrival (negative) Inisphere
ruenar v. to destroy, to ruin, to obliterate, to annihilate Zarow Vitel
sasaloc n./v./adj. Hidden emotions, hidden thoughts, to obscure, hide (something), to withhold

(Has connotations of hiding something out of fear of someone's reaction to the hidden thing)

Zarow Vitel
sheser v. to search, to look for, to investigate

(with connotations of looking deeply into the essence of something)

Arpheno Delta
slaizz n. sword Alpha Note (Zalia)
sphere n. world Rucce Vitel
suo prep. over, above Common Vitel
suoga adj. sad, sorrowful, heartbreaking Common Vitel
svarci n./v. burden, trouble Zarow Vitel
ta part. *that* (emphasis on a noun)
throu conj. through, by means of, by doing Zarow Vitel
ultime adj./adv. ultimate, supreme, most Arpheno Delta
uz part. of Common Vitel
vie n. wing, feather Common Vitel
warden n. world Zarow Vitel
wiptibuff n. atrocious lack of skill and ownage on a level below most mortal men Arpheno Delta
wori n. bird Arpheno Delta
XANGFELX resistance (negative) Inisphere
yasre n. voice Alpha Note (Zalia)
yeise v. to rest, to relax (for a short while), to take a breather, to calm down Alpha Note (Zalia)
za part. Exclamation point, angry shouting Common Vitel
ZAFOU malice (negative) Inisphere
zaat adj. struggling, conflicting, confused Common Vitel
ze part. Exclamation point, excited, happy shouting Common Vitel
zo part. Question mark Common Vitel
zomaddet n./v. creator, artisan, maker, create, generate, make Alpha Note (Zalia)
ZYHRKKEG electrocution (negative) Inisphere

Example textEdit

Effect: Forced redirection of all H-waves from specified sector into specified reyvateil.
Requirement: Permission granted by Administrator


1x1 >> enter CV:ph00110100
  redir al.HD=>1x106

(Reyvateil 1x1 enters the Cor varda server's 4th Palephon Hub
  Redirects all Dynamic Hymmno Waves [within that section] to Reyvateil 1x106)

A-04 S-5 ti:Z NUMB I
(In numbed impatience, now, send all the power we can give)

Unhinged silence surrounds and enfolds; an encroachment of trampled whimpers and muted cries
You all who are praying for salvation, you who do not know the consequences of such actions
Come, close your eyes, to protect what small tatters of purity you still cling onto with those hands

1x1 >> exec INISPHERE 2/.

Destruction. Malice. Arrival. Saviour.

Arrival. Destruction. Burning. Emptiness.

Saviour. Arrival. Destruction. Malice.

Ruins. Burning. Arrival. Destruction.

(Send all of your power)

Now, it is time for the purification...

The silk threads that guide the black fires across a web
Are pulled and weaved to the shape of a newborn rose
Without touching it, the silk threads wrap around the petals

The flower must bloom tenderly and beautifully, surely (The morning dew glitters from softly drawn petals)
That flower which gives off a sweet, attractive scent (The haze of chafing wings draws nearer, nearer)

mean:yasre me fwol throu lied
Carry our voice through a song

kroko:al-marre rre lied me ichn
Songs are the essence of all life

mez /SHAMAYIM/ rre lied me zomaddet
But even so, the songs can generate a Sea of Nothingness

mean:parcui me fwol throu /PENANCE/
To convey our sins, an offering is made

ci /INDULGENCE/ rre yor me aleset
If you were to accept our repentance

yor rre rasdka-svarci me gaurjyui
The heavy burden would crush you

og yor /HEAVEN/-et rre sor me flip is fwol
Then reverse, and take you to the heights of paradise

I sing with the voice of heaven, the defiled land's body
In the withered Utopia, the blessing of a rain of light
Downpours on one flower, out of the two that have bloomed

(Is this a sin, is it justice, this increasing power)

yor:oonsa me entridi
We forbid you to look back

yor:qevrra me entridi
You cannot show your true self

al mayun-tes rre yor me sasga
Devote everything to your fate

poqua rre /AGNUS DEI/...
Pitiable sacrifice of humanity, why...

The divine messengers have scattered their feathers
Are they heralds of fortune?
Or are they the signs of misery?

(The power... has broken through our connections)

Well... now, it is too late to ponder

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