General information

In July of A.D. 105, in the country of the same name located near Madagascar, Africa, Voslia was discovered as the first official language of the country founded in 3 weeks prior.

Date Format: YYYY MM DD (1996 September 17) or (1996/09/17)

Time Zone: EST+7.5

Voslia Language Rules Edit

- Whenever writing a year, write the word Perí before it. For example, "It is currently Perí 2015"

- Numbers before nouns. Simply: 4 dogs = dogs 4


In Voslia, every verb is conjugated the same way, and is conjugated by removing the last vowel(s) of the word, unless the verb ends with a consonant, where you just add on. There are no verb classes, so how knows how a verb can end?

In the Present Tense Edit

Volosnobe = To Attach

K volosnobu = I attach

Det volosnobab = You attach

B volosnobabu = He attaches

O volosnobuva = She attaches

[Mr./Mrs.] volosnobbli = Mr/Mrs. attaches (The double 'B' in the conjugation is pronounced like one 'B')

J volosnoby = We attach

Ziyr volosnobabu = They attach

[Mr/Mrs.] volosnobbluž = Mr/Mrs. (plural) attach

H volosnobýn = It attaches

Numbers (1-40) Edit

  1. Onite
  2. Twie
  3. Threña
  4. Fáor
  5. Fev
  6. Zeyu
  7. Sevla
  8. Ayi
  9. Nonoe
  10. Tred
  11. Tredite
  12. Tredtwie
  13. Treden
  14. Tredaor
  15. Trefev
  16. Trezey
  17. Trevla
  18. Trayi
  19. Trenoe
  20. Twietred
  21. Twietredonite
  22. Twietredtwie
  23. Twietredthren
  24. Twietredfaor
  25. Twietredfev
  26. Twietredzey
  27. Twietredsevla
  28. Twietredaiy
  29. Twietrednonoe
  30. Thretred
  31. Thretredonite
  32. Thretredtwie
  33. Thretredthren
  34. Thretredfaor
  35. Thretredfev
  36. Thretredzey
  37. Thretredsevla
  38. Thretredaiy
  39. Thretrednonoe
  40. Fatred

Example textEdit

I am [number] years old. - K bn [number] perí.

My favourite colour is yellow. - Ob thalér maklají r ěbamalós.

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