Due to the problem of the font, all the Valaanian in this page will be romanized.


Walaan Tone English Note
aisikirenn ice cream
ata S death
atata S dead person < ata (death) + ta (person, grammatical)
ama F god
onnta F inhabitant, denizen < onn (stem of onntsa, to live) + ta (person, grammatical)
oll F silver
uma F river
tachi S lip
tonokxa F lock
tonokxa J shield
tonokxa R elegence
hteo 3 time (count) grammatical, can only be conjugated with numerals.
The combined form can be used as an adverb
txaa F present, now
txaania F+R today < txaa (present) + nia (day)
txawae S secret
txaha R mountain
txi R color
txie S sign
txo F hand, authority, power
touch, control
txoi R love, care
txua R heaven, sky
txeofa S eight
saeo F master, lord, owner
satu S sheep
sawa R time
sele R magic
siole F ritual
siolefe F shrine < siole (ritual) + fe (place, grammatical)
sonnpxa S forest
seo F hand
ma F dusk, twilight
mania S yesterday < ma (dusk) + nia (day)
mana R girl, maiden
mienn R flower
nia R day
heeo F abyss, deep
shaha R daughter
yaye R I
yolann R center
wangka F hair
wellte S world
winn S language
hasa S meal, dish (of food)
fann F king, lord
fapa R kid
felie F cruelty
fokxa R tale, story
fole S birth
pate S goat
pua F soul, spirit
pxaseo S age, year old
pxatxe S ship
tsainn F guard, knight, rider
tsama F person
tsxewe S wind
tsxu S dawn, daybreak
tsxunia S tomorrow < tsxu (dawn) + nia (day)


Walaan Tone Conj. Type Transt. English
enntsa F a-verb T listen
otsa F a-verb I be at
onntsa F a-verb I live
totsa F a-verb T broaden
totsa R a-verb T sing
txaetsa J a-verb T give, endow
txonona J a-verb T narrate (story, tale)
sayata F a-verb I wave
seomua F a-verb T create
mata S a-verb I go
masakxa J a-verb T seek for
meyatsa J a-verb T threaten
nomua F a-verb I shout
neolata F a-verb T pray
lifetsa F a-verb T say
keitsa F a-verb T name
kxanatsa J a-verb T play (song, insturment)
kxonntsa F a-verb T burn
kxoyasha F a-verb I hurry
shapxa S a-verb T dance
chesha R a-verb I come
chepa S a-verb I walk
chuta S a-verb T hear
yetsa R a-verb T give birth to
yuatsa F a-verb T oppose
wata S a-verb T eat
watxa S a-verb I return, go back
wanana J a-verb I fly
hanotsa F a-verb I bloom
hatsa S a-verb T decomposite, destroy
hemesa J a-verb T tell
hewata F a-verb T repeat
fasha S a-verb I stand
feka S a-verb T seize
pasa F a-verb T know
pxotxa F a-verb T hit
tsotsa R a-verb I kneel


Walaan English
ollto silver
taeto true, real
natato white
nachato lovely
neoto hidden, invisible
kennto without, lack of
kxaleto foolish
shelito small
chachato crazy
cheteto blind
yaato great, honor
weto slow
poleonnto beloved
tsahato holy, divine
tsiyato forever


Walaan English
yenn and, besides
pola until, till


Walaan English
pxaa again


Walaan Type English Condition
-meta a-verb volition of speaker V irrealis
-chxoto adjective adjectivalization V infinite
-fonnto adjective prohibition V irrealis
-peta a-verb volition of non-speaker V irrealis
-para a-verb subjunctive V irrealis


Walaan English Condition
-so nominalization V, ADJ infinite  
-fa interjection of volition V finite
-pai adverbalization V, ADJ infinite

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