Warish /waɹɪʃ/ (Warish: Варих /vaʁɪχ/) Transliterated as Varich, is a Germanic Conlang that is based off of Old High German. Warish is officially written in the Cyrillic Alphabet but does have a transliteration in the Latin Alphabe. Warich is spoken in Wario Land and other places in the Mario Universe. It is the official language of Europe and Greenland in an alternate Earth. The language was affected by the Old High Consonant shift but has influence from the Low Germanic Dialects of Low German, Dutch, and English. With some loan words from Romance and Slavic languages.


Cyrillic Romanization IPA English Example
Aa Aa /ʌ/ Cup
Ää Ää /a/ Cat
Бб Bb /b/ Bad
Дд Dd /d/ Duck
Ee Ee /e/ Make
Ëë Ëë /ε/ Wet
Фф Ff /f/ Frog
Гг Gg /g/, /ɣ/ /g/ - Go /ɣ/ - Like Belgian Dutch Gaan
Хх Hh and Ch /h/, /x/, /χ/ Usually /x/ like German Buch but /h/ at begin of words like Hat
Ии Ii /i/, /ɪ/ /i/ like Beep /ɪ/ like Big
Аи Ei and Y /aɪ/ Ice
Яя Jj /j/ You
Кк Kk /k/ Lake
Лл Ll /l/ Lake
Мм Mm /m/ Make
Нн Nn /n/ Night
Oo Oo /o/, /ɑ/ /o/ like Boat /ɑ/ like Lock
Öö Öö /ø/ Like German Schön
Пп Pp /p/ Pack
Рр Rr /ʀ/, /ʁ/ Like German Regen or French Tres
Сс Ss /s/ Snack
Шш Sh /ʃ/ Ship
Тт Tt /t/ Type
Тх Th /θ/ Thick
Yy Uu /u/ Moon
Вв Vv /v/ Van
Зз Zz /z/ Zoo

Comparison with other West Germanic Languages

English Dutch German Warish
Make Maak Mach Мох (Moch)
Day Dag Tag Тог (Tog)
Night Nacht Nacht Нохт (Nocht)
House Huis Haus Хäs (Häs)
Friend Vriend Freunde Фраинт (Freint)
Water Water Wasser Вастер (Vaster)

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