No inflection.  Tense and aspect is given through adverbs.  What about the conditional tho? -> adverb for conditional

visual distinction between nouns/verbs/adjectives (stative verbs?) / adverbs

grammatical gender ideas: masculine, feminine, neuter (masculine= anything that is convex or living species identified as "male"; feminine= anything that is concave or living species identified as "female"; neuter= anything abstract; gender neutral living beings...)


1) concrete:

-animated (those that actually have a brain),

-animated (those who don't have a brain but are actually "living", like plants and microscopical living beings),

-inanimated (like water, rocks, table, or untouchable due to proximity like the sun or the moon)

2) abstract : anything that doesn't fit the number 1)

so basically sort of 4 genders

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