General informationEdit




I La We LaLa
You Twa You TwaTwa
He Fwa They FwaFwa
Present Future Past
---- Waw Paw


Wom World
Lan Language
Wowo Water
Momo apple
Bubu yogurth
Blabla speak
Bi be
Like Lak
have Tan
No Na
Yes Sip
Mumu Cow
Dai Day
Beginning/Start Sta
Morning Stadai (beginning of the day)
End/Finishing Fin
Afternoon Findai (ending od the day)
Milk Mumuwowo (Cow + water)
Prefer LakLak (Like + Like)

Example textEdit

I like to have an apple yougurth in the mornings: La  laktan Momobubu stadai
You Spoke the world language: Twa Pawblabla Womlan.
They will speak the world language: Fwafwa Wawblabla Womlan.
I prefer milk than yougurtyh La laklak mumuwowo bubu.

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