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Note to readers: This language will be explained in several "lessons", like a high school textbook. Please follow all of the lessons. Xïlusia is a language isolate spoken on Cartays Island (500km east of Seychelles). Like Serbian, it is digraphic, written in either the Latin or Shavian alphabets. There are three dialects: Eastern, Northern, and Southern. The Eastern dialect is tonal, and all three dialects feature declension, conjugation, and mood.


Native Name: Ėfazoxïlusia [æˈfazoʣɨluʃa]

Native to: Cartays Island

Native Speakers: 80,000

Language Family: Azinodic

Writing system: Latin, Shavian


Lesson 1: The Latin alphabet

Lesson 2: The Nominative Case

Lesson 3: The Accusative Case

Lesson 4: Present Tense Verb Conjugations

Lesson 5: The Shavian Alphabet

Lesson 6: Forming Sentences

Lesson 7: The Dative Case

Lesson 8: Adjectives

Lesson 9: The Genitive Case

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