The Nominative Case is one of the five cases used in Xïlusia. This case is the type found in dictionaries and is the basis for declension. It doubles as the prepositional case.


-it - used for soft, inedible objects (i.e. beds, pillows, clothes, live animals)

-ȯ - used for liquids

-vex - used for living things (except primates)

 - used for edible objects

-olz - used for primates and human occupations

-ṁ - used for hard, smooth, manufactured objects

-tâȧ - used for other manufactured objects

-ze - used for office supplies (pens, paper, sticky notes), construction materials, and tools (nails, hammers, lumber)

-ågi - used for all other objects

Practice Exercise 1Edit

Add the appropriate suffix to these translated words'. There is one of each suffix.

1. egg - ívolb__

2. flag - ħuni__

3. laundry detergent - dyatlzigu__

4. baboon - vėlzpi__

5. ruler - ɔinẏtaćasio__

6. blanket - nïmtåẋ__

7. dust - ǹviùociab__


-it becomes -agå

 becomes -mi

-vex becomes -viẋ

 becomes -źè

-olz becomes -ȯṅ

-ṁ becomes -ihvùe

-tâȧ becomes -tkire

-ze becomes -ẏ

-ågi becomes -gelt

Practice Exercise 2Edit

Pluralize the words from Exercise 1.


Practice Exercise 1Edit

1. ívolbú

2. ħunitâȧ

3. dyatlziguȯ

4. vėlzpiolz

5. ɔinẏtaćasioze

6. nïmtåẋit

7. ǹviùociabågi

Practice Exercise 2Edit

1. ívolbźè

2. ħunitkire

3. dyatlzigumi

4. vėlzpiȯṅ

5. ɔinẏtaćasioẏ

6. nïmtåẋagå

7. ǹviùociabgelt

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