The Accusative Case is one of the five cases used in Xïlusia. This case is used when the noun is being affected by the action (the direct object). 

Singular EndingsEdit

-it becomes -ce

-ȯ becomes -órdurr

-vex becomes -gèx

 becomes -ïẋunẏ

-olz becomes -numa

-ṁ becomes -oku

-tâȧ becomes -tâviùè

-ze becomes -lop

-ågi becomes -dyȧlė

Practice Exercise 1Edit

Add the appropriate suffix to these translated words'. There is one of each suffix.

1. egg - ívolb__

2. flag - ħuni__

3. laundry detergent - dyatlzigu__

4. baboon - vėlzpi__

5. ruler - ɔinẏtaćasio__

6. blanket - nïmtåẋ__

7. dust - ǹviùociab__


-it becomes -ilż

 becomes -iŕviùet

-vex becomes -ɔorź

 becomes -kacò

-olz becomes -ćolim

-ṁ becomes -fer

-tâȧ becomes -rriám

-ze becomes -ṁgẏt

-ågi becomes -zelt

Practice Exercise 2Edit

Pluralize the words from Exercise 1.


Practice Exercise 1Edit

1. ívolbïẋunẏ

2. ħunitâviùè

3. dyatlziguórdurr

4. vėlzpinuma

5. ɔinẏtaćasiolop

6. nïmtåẋce

7. ǹviùociabdyȧlė

Practice Exercise 2Edit

1. ívolbkacò

2. ħunirriám

3. dyatlziguiŕviùet

4. vėlzpićolim

5. ɔinẏtaćasioṁgẏt

6. nïmtåẋilż

7. ǹviùociabzelt

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