Verb conjugationEdit

Verbs are conjugated for person by adding a suffix to the verb.

Pronoun -a ending -e ending -i ending
1st singular me -o -io -io
2nd singular tv -aci -eci -ici
3rd singular le -at -et -it
1st plural noce -amv -env -inv
2nd plural tvce -avvce -evoce -ivoce
3rd plural lece -ant -ent -ivnt

Sample conjugationsEdit

andi - to walk, move
me andio noce andinv
tu andici tuce andivoce
le andit lece andvnt

face - to do, happen
me facio noce facenv
tu faceci tuce facevoce
le facet lece facent

List of verbsEdit

Simplengva English
andi to walk, move
face to do, happen
crea to make, create
pencia to think
va to go
pote to be able to
code to eat
cvri to run
crede to believe
praipa to prepare
ece to be
lei to read
ca to sing
tene to have
pati to happen
trancive to cross, traverse
viati to travel
vi to drink
viva to live
tripa to work
civfe to suffer
mori to die
ginende to mean, signify
mira to see, look
gintelege to understand
cienti to feel, realize
pegendi to learn
apriginde to arrest, capture
favla to talk, chat
gara to make noise
aliena to change, modify
da to give, surrender
convta to calculate, solve
cogna to know
gioca to play
cvairi to search, seek
cialta to jump
lava to wash
pugna to fight, debate, war
lutca to fight, wrestle
acorda to agree

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