Gloss Gender Category
At exist, be Land Verb (c1)
Abu made of, constructed from n/a Preposition
Ashai once n/a Adverb
Betisa conscience, alive-ness Sky Noun
Berrú irregardless if, whether or not n/a Clause connective
Bigv start; birth Land Noun
Bo'efkh amazed Land Adjective
Daputi knock Sky Verb (c2)
Datri lose Water Verb (c2)
Dénat play (a game or sport) Water Verb (c1)
Diqhéd politics Sky Noun
Dutez spirit, manner Water Noun
Dútqhav for example, e.g., such as n/a Other
Eith communication, language Sky Noun
Enrúth origin Water Noun
Éto make, create; build, construct Land Verb (c5)
Eqin brother, male sibling Land Noun
Fysi exercise, get fit, work out Water Verb (c2)
Gamud machine, contraption Land Noun
Geq boy, male child, son Land Noun
Ghora skin Land Noun
Gixit unique, special, individual Sky Adjective
Haisum dungeon, maze, labyrinth Water Noun
Hu to n/a Preposition
Inekho young Land Adjective
Iri (irreg.) do a stative verb Water Verb
Iqhu concerning, about n/a Preposition
Ivat come, go Water Verb
Ja'um food Water Noun
Jai leave, go away Water Verb (c2)
Jarri eat, consume Water Verb (c2) 
Jéka but n/a Connective
Jiren area, portion of land Land Noun
Jún door Land Noun
Judiki thank Sky Verb (c2)
Kei or n/a Connective
Kesu favourite Sky Adjective
Keighun world, Earth Land Noun
Kheqosu love, like Sky State
Khuthat cook, heat up Land Verb (c1)
Kiku destroy, kill, slay Land Verb (c3)
Kimat work, labour Land Noun/verb (c1)
Kosli touch, hold Land Verb (c2)
Kufat contain Sky Verb (c1)
Kusfo brave Land Adjective
Kuqrri gender, sex Water Noun
Lamruta be romantic Sky State
Laphri find, discover Sky Verb (c2)
Lu in, on n/a Preposition
Marri girl, female child, daughter Land Noun
Mat auxillary verb for the imperative n/a Aux. verb (c1)
Meitakh princess Water Noun
Milara distinction, difference that is made Sky Noun
Múqhat allow to have, entitle to Sky Verb (c1)
Mykakh dark, shady Sky Adjective
Nagu along with n/a Preposition
Nat do Sky Verb (c1)
Nesu of (different to made of) n/a Preposition
Nephat know Sky Verb
Ngiran opinion, thought Sky Noun
Ngouku belong to; hail, come from Water Verb (c3)
Nitas apple Land Noun
Nofat search, look Sky Verb (c1)
Noxat want Sky Verb (c1)
Pai day Land Noun
Pasúg speed (of doing an action) Water Noun
Paniqhé suddenly Sky Adverb
Peiras behave, act Sky State
Patezhat rescue, save Water Verb
Pékithas sovereignty Sky Noun
Peqhux monster, beast Land Noun
Phetunez status, importance Land Noun
Pherro knight, warrior Land Noun
Pi auxillary verb for the mirative n/a Aux. verb (c2)
Pigto start, begin Land Adverb
Pihot logic Land Noun
Qhupés trust Water Noun
Razhi rule, lead, control Water Verb
Raghis forest Land Noun
Rozi ask Water Verb
Rrapazh race Sky Noun
Rraqe free, limitless Sky Adjective
Rri have Land State
Shinag right, something that is allowed Water Noun
Shou nation, country Land Noun
Su (irreg.) give, transfer Sky Verb (c4)
Taco-Bell Taco Bell Land Noun
Tako taco Land Noun
Taqei type, kind Water Noun
Telipi teleport Sky Verb (c2)
Temki live Water Verb (c2)
Temeph house Land Noun
To (irreg.) say Water Verb (c5)
Tu'i auxillary verb for the potential n/a Aux. verb (c2)
Thakedu pointless, meaningless Land Adjective
Thegas ball, football, basketball... Land Noun
Théru religion Land Noun
Thuqhe also, furthermore n/a Adverb
Ou (irreg.) be something, as n/a Preposition
Ov equality, equal Water Noun/adjective
Vat auxillary verb for the subjunctive n/a Aux verb (c1)
Vésu team, group; help Water Noun/verb (c4)
Vothek problem Land Noun
Vúdu for (time) n/a Preposition
Waigat dissapear, vanish Water Verb (c1)
Xaki rank, status Sky Noun
Xirat (irreg.) jump Sky Verb (c1)
Xo person, human, human being Land Noun
Xophe country where Xongeith is spoken Water noun
Xouba'et property, owned items Land Noun
Ym and n/a Connective
Zathge social Sky Adjective
Zeiph colour Water Noun
Zhi auxillary verb for the cohortative n/a Aux verb (c2)
Zútaiqhi limit, stop, cap Sky Verb (c2)
Zún sense, state of mind Land Noun
Zuqongat look around Water Verb (c1)

Irregular wordsEdit

Ou (be something, as)Edit

Water Land Sky
Singular -ou -au -ou
Dual -oufe -auve -ouve
Plural -ouf -auf -ouv

Xirat (jump)Edit

Negative form -> ghirri

Iri (do a stative verb)Edit

Form Translation
Present ir
Past aur
Far Past i'ei

Su (give)Edit

Negative form -> izu The object being given is in the instrumental case; the 'giver' is in the ergative and the 'given to' is in the accusative.

To (say)Edit

The thing being said is in the instrumental case; the 'speaker' is in the ergative and the 'spoken to' is in the accusative.

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