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"A Wanderer's Tale" is a short story in Xwarṣa about a homeless young woman that ends up accidentally slipping between the cracks in the divide between worlds. It is a short piece in prose.


Ûmmą̂ktą̂ Anântvęnęm virlî êṭîrk ẓaṭîrk ǫðąktą̂ ikâ mîniką̂, jaṣ durą̂ktą̂ hə̂hrîledǫ̂r pąr etêmnəm îṣdwaθǫ̂s. Ǫðąkâss uẓą̂knaxqąr êmaṭeaknax.

Translation & GlossEdit

Some girl, who was quite young, was called Anânt, and she slept protected atop the shadow of some tree. The sparse woods weren't too quiet.

be.called-ipf.intr-3sprx.apas Anânt-ins.edi.def young.woman some-edi, rel-edi be-ipf.intr-3sprx.apas very young-edi, and protect-partic-adv atop shadow-pos.def shade-3sobv.psd-dat

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