Yanakipchak (Yanakıpçak tili) is an artificial auxilary language developed by Rustam Kypshakbayev (Рустам Кыпшакбаев, a.k.a. Cumano). It's based on the languages of the Kypchak branch of the Turkic language family, such as Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Altay, Bashkir, Karachay-Balkar, Karakalpak, Kumyk, Tatar, and others.

The language is duscussed in Rustam's blog on

Alphabet Edit

The language can be written in the Cyrillic script or in the Latin script. Both alphabets consist of 28 letters.

The Cyrillic alphabet: А, Б, В, Г, Д, Е, Ж, З, И, J (also spelled Й), К, Л, М, Н, Ң, О, Ө, П, Р, С, Т, У, Ү, Ф, Х, Ч, Ш, Ы.

The Latin alphabet: A, B, Č (also spelled Ç), D, E, F, G, H, İ, I, J, K, L, M, N, Ň, O, Ö, P, R, S, Ş (also spelled Š), T, U, Ü, V, Y, Z. The letters C, Q, W, and X are used in loanwords whose spelling has not been adapted for Yanakipchak orthography.

IPA Notes
А а A a [a]
Б б B b [b]
В в V v [v]
Г г G g [g] or [ɢ]
Д д D d [d]
Е е E d [e]
Ж ж J j [ʒ]
З з Z z [z]
И и İ i [i]
Ј ј or Й й Y y [j]
К к K k [k] or [q]
Л л L l [l]
М м M m [m]
Н н N n [n]
IPA Notes
Ң ң Ň ň [ŋ]
О о O o [o]
Ө ө Ö ö [ø]
П п P p [p]
Р р R r [r]
С с S s [s]
Т т T t [t]
У у U u [u]
Ү ү Ü ü [ʏ]
Ф ф F f [f] In loanwords only
Х х H h [x] In loanwords only
Ч ч Č č or Ç ç [tʃ]
Ш ш Š š or Ş ş [ʃ]
Ы ы I ı [ɯ]

Grammar Edit

Grammatical cases Edit

Case Suffixes
Nominative (no suffix)
Genitive -ның/ниң
Dative -га/ге
Ablative -дан/ден/тан/тен
Accusative -ны/ни
Locative -да/де/та/те

Pronouns Edit

Personal Possessive
I мен бениң
you (sg., familiar) сен сениң
you (sg., polite) сиз сизиң
he, she, it ол оның
we биз бизиң
you (pl., familiar) сенлер сендериң
you (pl., polite) сизлер сизлериң
They олар оларың

Numerals Edit

Cardinal Ordinal
1 бир биринчи
2 еки екинчи
3 үч үчинчи
4 төрт төртинчи
5 беш бешинчи
6 алты алтынчы
7 жети жетинчи
8 сегиз сегизинчи
9 тогыз тогызынчы
10 он онынчы
100 јүз
1000 мың

Vocabulary Edit

jедилик, jедиме

Days of the week Edit

баш күн
атланган күн
кан күн
кичи атна
олы атна
атна арасы
ыjык күн

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