A very simple language to speak and understand, the name of the language yeto tesh means, new talk.


Yeto tesh uses very simple and basic phonology

IPA: (blue letters have links to the IPA which tells their meaning) Consonants: m, n, p, b, k, g, t, d, f, v, s, z, l, h, j, ʀ, x, ʔ, ʃ

Vowels: ɑ, i, e, o, u, ɪ, ʌ, æ


y always sounds like i after vowels at the end of words. (ay, ey (ai, ei)), word ending

with an i sound will end with y.


A Aa B D E F G H I Ii K L M N O P R S T U Uu V Y Z ' Kh

ɑ æ b d e f g h i ɪ k l m n o p ʀ s t u ʌ v j z ʔ x

Basic GrammarEdit

Simple grammar. These past, tense, and future forms connect at the end of words.

Past: yo

Present: ti

Future: e'e

Example: teshyo, someone has talked (spoken). teshti, someone is currently talking,

teshe', someone will be talking.

These plural, singular, plural possessive, and singular possessive forms also connect at the end of words.

singular: ay

plural: ey

pl. poss.: aa

sg. poss.: ii

Example: khevay, a manuel. khevey, manuels. dekhii, yours. narilaa, the creator's (object).

Objects greater/larger than original will end with this.

larger: lal

Objects weaker/smaller than original will end with this.

smaller: viid



Example textEdit

These are the new commandments from my religion, Raelism.

1. Yaavote'e dekh tol umat e dekhii vive el zaalim da zaalimay,

vul setti shkhe me shun el khev rhelari yey dreko o setti gad gelkha zaalim el ame komyutari

el khushe'e shun el takhim e dekhii vive ulu rhiloumat.

2. Shlav dekh tol umat etete yosh da Elohim, dekhii narilaa.

3. Dekh tis el vesh kha'da la Elohim gana dekh haka ten vel.

4. Tol umat dekh yashtol setti shatli el zaalim da zaalimay iiti 1% dekhii tol umat yash shatli,

el yot vuli setti vulikhe gal umat el vute rhana kov irhanuul u'la el vesh kha'da.

5. Tol umat dekh yash uuvuu zaalim da zaalimay shun dekhii velvi shun dekhii tavil,

uot dekh tavil dekhii evin ae yoyoe vi el hamil vuli tesh da ame kha'da shun gal fedudiroay

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