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yinneu and yeul translation reading
day da(gu)
month mān(nu)
hour ty(du)
year yāa(ru)
one eu (eun)
water wa(te/teu(r)(u) mi(zeru)
fire fu(ru)
person man / ji(n)
big dy
on top of
below bnē
all / every all / zen(nū)
clear deu(de)
見(언) (to)see  / watch zy(ne)/zyn(en)/kyk(en)
fish vis(se)
小(너) small kly(nu)(ne)
heart hāru
earth / soil ār(de)
green mido / grou
north neur
south syd
西 west we
east houst
capital / main slo
mountain beru / ya(ru)
tree bo(nō)
book / history bou(kō) / ge(su)
woods bos(sō)
forest woud(nō)
snow / ice kou(de)
float dry(fu)
wind ka / wyn(de)
dome rōn(ne)
round rōnd
city dorū(pu)
(big) city sta(d)
song lyd
what? wāt(te)
child / kid kyn(de)
生(언) to be born / baby / life / to live bōrnen(en), lēnven(en)
dignity / truth wārt
right rēekt
equal glyk
bird vōgel
吹(언) breath, to whistle, to breathe, (verb for sounds animals make) flut(en), blāz(en)
遊(언/) to play, game, joke, fun. spēl(en), lol(in), 
dog hon
bee beay
日(언) sun, to shine zon(en)
風() to blow wynd(in)
벼뱨 baby bēby
笑(언) to laugh, laugh(ter) lā(en)
校() school, to go to school, to learn sgōl(in)
쉬더(인)/ 始(인)* to start, beginning, to begin, start. stā(in),beg(in)
냬/네 again (after time particle) ny / nea
走(언) to run, lap, race. ren(en)
quick, early ras, frou
車(인) car, to drive laga(in)
그닉(언) to nod keunik(en)
幸렟(인) happy, to be happy, happiness buleay(in)
fortune bu, reak
泣(언) to cry, tear houl(en) nak(en)
風吹(언) to shout kablāz(en)


Yinneu and yeul english reading
켜러 yellow gēle
white ny / wit


yinneu and yeul english reading
flower blu blum hana
白花 daffodils (nacrissen) nyhana

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