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Yisdorian is a language spoken in the country states of Yisdoria, and is the native language of the Dai'Behm Clan.

History Edit

Letters Edit

The letters used are A, B, D, E, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, T, U, V, W, X and Z. C, F, S and Y excluded from the alphabet.

Phonology Edit

Dai'Belic phonology is usually of Old English, Latin, medieval style and Arabic.

Letter Sound Letter Sound Letter Sound
a pronounced like Japanese "a". b pronounced normally. h pronounced normally.
d pronounced normally. e pronounced like Japanese "e". j
i pronounced like Japanese "i". k pronounced normally g
o pronounced as Japanese "o" sound. p l
q has "kw" sound, but when placed with "u", the sound becomes "ku". r pronounced normally, but when with another "r", becomes a hard "r" sound. m
t pronounced normally u pronounced like Japanese "u". n
v pronounced normally like "f". w pronounced normally. ie
x pronounced like Chinese "x", which sounds like "ch". z has "s" sound. iia
xh pronounced as "sh". zh has "j" sound. iiu
ø has "oi" sound, like in "join". ph has soft "ph" sound. aa has same sound like normal "a".
th has hard "th" sound. ķ has "ks" sound, like normal "x". uu
ä pronounced like "a" in "hall". iie ee
ï has same sound as Japanese "ai". ö has same sound as alphabetical English "o". oo has same sound like normal "o".
ii is pronounced as a "yi" sound. ŋ has a "ng" sound.
œ has same sound as English "ow". ao has same sound as English "ow".
ú has "uh" sound. æ has an extended "i" sound.
â and ei both have same sound as Japanese "ei". ia is pronounced as a "ya" sound.
iio first letter is pronounced normally, before last two letters are pronounced as "yo". kh pronounced as if there is a break between it and the letter after it.

Grammar & Punctuation Edit

Grammar Edit

Adjectives & Adverbs Edit

Like English grammar, adjectives are always placed before the object. That rule also applies to adverbs with verbs.

Nouns Edit

Markers Edit

Genitive/Possessive Forms Edit

Ownership can be shown in 2 ways: through suffix form and non-suffix form. The non-suffix form is used mostly for already-suffixed words, because you cannot join 2 suffixes together with 1 word. A prefix and suffix together with one word however will work. The "owner" goes after the "owned" (e.g. [owned][owner]).

For words that end with vowels For words that end with consonants
If "owner" name starts with vowel -ko' -au'
If "owner" name starts with consonant -ki' -iu'
If "owner" name starts with x, q, v or j -ie' -ed'

Articles Edit

Articles are written as prefixes, but they can also exist in non-prefix forms.

For words starting with vowels For words starting with consonants Literary Meaning
Singular Indefinite ir'- ei'- a, an
Definite al'- ni'- the
Partitive ib'- ko' some
Plural Indefinite un'- lu'- a, an
Definite pr'- ii'- the

Prefixes and Suffixes Edit

(Word) + suffix + suffix (No)

Prefix + (Word) + suffix (Yes)

Prefix + Prefix + (Word) (No)

Time Tenses Edit

In order to attach suffixes, replace the last letter at the end of the word with the suffix form. They can also be applied to nouns and certain adjectives and adverbs too.

Category Form For words ending in vowels For words ending in consonants Literal Meaning
Normal Form Past -jee -eezh once, did
Past Passive was..., were...
Present (no form) (Now, happening now)
Present Passive
Future -we -el will, shall
Future Passive -ek -duu will be...
Hypothetical Form Past
Present if...then...
Future so that...
Imperative Form Past I had to...
Past Passive I had to be...
Present (Now + Command Form)
Present Passive
Future I must...
Future Passive -de I must be...
Additional Forms Conditional I would..., I could...
Desirative I want to...
Present-Progressive -ing (As if currently in progress)
Potential-Permissive -ji I can..., so I can...

Lexicon Edit

To see the list of known words for this dialect, please click on the link beside. Yisdorian (Dai'Belic)/Lexicon

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