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A Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
Aatherizna Atherizna- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Knowledge and Intellect
aazaa v. live, exist /æsæ/
abhee adj. only, unique
agora n. love, affection, infatuation
aizh'm adj. superior
akazo n. evil, malice, evil one
alab adj. faraway, distant, far
alah n. lord, master, throne, leader
alan n. servant
aldiadab n. state, country, region
aldiaviil n. kingdom, domain, territory, domain
Amu'Elea Amuelia- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Songs, Waves and Emotions
Ankorielda Ancorielda- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Magic and Crossroads
aqila n. eagle
arev n./v. dance, to dance
ata therefore, thus, which means..., in simpler terms, to put it this way... /ətə/
atua v. ascend, reach godhood, go up
Avumelea Altheumelia
azittv v. type, press (a button), type in, input

B Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
Beionima Bionima- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Life, Birth and Afterlife
belum n. crystal, jewel, gem, mineral
bi ...and...
bijali n. sword, blade
blut n. blood
blutrunztig n. bloodshed, violence
bodrig'pa n. system, network
braktil n. water, the element of water, Aqua, Hydro
buruuzhaaj n. instrument, tool

D Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
debata for the first time...
deztinada together, we are one
dhiig adv. freely, free to...
diirada v. overcome, surpass, transcend, succeed against

E Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
e part. of, ...belongs to...
ekampani n. darkness, Umbra, Tenebrism, the element of Darkness
eler v. smile, to smile, to laugh
Elphidea Elphidia- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Hope
Elumina Aerleumina
Ēthelm Aethelm- Name of the Elaedian God of Day and the Sun
Evidelo Name of the Elaedian Demon God of Judgement, Justice and Bravery
e̊weite̊te n. obstacle, hinderance
Exapiko Exapico- Name of the Ancient God of Multiverse and Creation, the Firstborn God

G Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
gadnavakin n. cyclone, hurricane, tornado
gehen n. storm, tempest
gona will (used in a questioning form)
guang v. shine, illuminate, brighten, lighten
guerra n. mage, sorcerer, wizard, witch, person who wields magic, magic-caster
guru'un n. guitar, lute

H Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
haagvatz what the hell!?
hangei v. stop, halt, suspend
hinza v. bloom, develop, realize
hinzrata n. blossom, flower, beautiful flower
honæma n. raison d'etre, reason for living, purpose

I Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
I'Iuliko Eulyco- Name of the Elaedian Wolf God of the Hunt
iira come! (showing beckoning/invitation)
Ilumena Illumena- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Light
Invekra Infechra- Name of the Elaedian Human Goddess of Love and Beauty
ir pron. I, me, my ɪər
ira pron. us, we, our
irazr pron. ourselves
iudha adv. angrily, furiously, madly
Iuriphela Yurriphella- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Harmony and Order

J Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
jahariila n. little one
jaman adv. pathetically, pitifully, weakly, uselessly
janal adj. pathetic, pitiful, weak, useless
Jeniuro Jenyuro- Name of the Elaedian Demon God of Discord and Chaos
jheniz n. (physical) power, strength
jianhuren n. insanity, madness
jinku n. (metaphysical/spiritual/elemental) power, energy

K Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
kaghak v. travel, journey, adventure, explore
Kataj Name of the Elaedian God of the Seas and Waters
khnamakal n. knowledge, wisdom
khozir v. envelop, engulf, consume, devour, cover, enshroud
ki n. this
kir pron. you, your, yourself (singular)
kira pron. you, your (plural)
kirazr pron. yourselves
kix'oji'iz n. resurrection, rebirth, revival
kuztoz go away! flee! run away! escape! go!

L Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
le part. to, at, towards, unto, onto, into
levantajhe n. beautiful one, beauty (is used by someone to show feelings of love/affection/infatuation to the who the word is describing)
lhre adv./interj. please, I beg of you
lix't v. ascend, rise, go up
lowenza v. offer, sacrifice, give up to
lu on, above, on top of
lua below, under, underneath
luz if

M Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
Marelzo Marelso- Name of the Elaedian God of War and Battle
me̊kado nightmare, delusion, (mental) trauma, traumatic memory
Mo̊thet'L Morthetl- Name of the Elaedian Vampire God of Death, Ruler of the Realm of the Dead, Siolnehem

N Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
ni adv./part. alongside with, together with, with
niexempler n. desperation
Niro Name of the Elaedian Elf God of Mischief and Downfall
nomlog'xid n. husband
noqojhada n. love, kindness, affection, infatuation, care
nunk adv. for the first time

O Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
œtra Hey! You there!
oba adj. every, all~
Olimo̊n Olymorn- Name of the Elaedian God of Poverty and Illness
onethinia n. psyche, the element/concept of Psyche, psychic
ophumeli knowledge, wisdom
ozeuz v. to plant, to sow (plants/seeds)

P Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
paramexh'var interj. hello, salutations, welcome (used between friends)
parekati n. nightmare, delusion, traumatic experience, traumatic memory, mental trauma, traumatic past
patazkanzovo Hi! hello, welcome, salutations (Used between strangers)
phailta n. star
phalavipana n. psychology, spiritualism
pheizhala n. light, Lumina, Lumen, the element of Light
phumanina n. data, information
pratiabåtana Goodbye! (Used as an angry expression of farewells)
pratihinza n. Nirvana
pretiphalma n. serenade
pugnare n. revelation
pujakavariiak interj./n./adj. f---, m-----f-----, f------ (The meaning of this word is highly vulgar and therefore has been censored. Its public meaning has been changed to "foul-blood", which is highly offensive in formality, but not vulgar; but in private, it has original meanings)

Q Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
qa'al n./adj. everyone, everything
qin conj. as a matter of fact, to put it simply...
quww conj. what, who, where, when, how, why (used in rhetorical questions)

R Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
rakhta n. hymn
rakhtapaz'ra interj. goodbye, farewell
ravi v. love, care for, be infatuated with, show affection/love to/for
rewera n. song, ode, musical composition
Rizo'Kal Rizo'Qal
roxhanee n. serenade

T Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
t'iet'iev interj. Help! Help me!
temtzekh n. homeland, homeworld, place that is home
tzuzni v. dispel, dissipate, negate, nullify

U Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
undem only if...
Urezhila Ureshila- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Creativity, Craftsmanship and Imagination
uzh if

V Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
væren n. dagger, knife, small blade
vaapazee v. to fear, to be afraid of, to be frightened
vade adv. constantly, every time
vanatara adv. optimistically, joyfully, happily
vanhui n. sword
venit v. weave, craft, create, make
Veolko̊t Violqort- Name of the Elaedian God of Catastrophes, Disasters and Violence
veradardz because of ~ everything is ~
vidiut because of, due to
vir pron. it, this, that
vira pron. them, it (plural)
virazr pron. themselves, itself
vitoria n. divinity, holiness, ethereal element
viz part. ...through...
vojov n. warrior, soldier, fighter, challenger

W Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
wa'tzinal Come on! Let's go!
waardiiad what the hell!?
wazi v. eat, devour, consume, ravish

X Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
x'aal v. release, free, liberate, unleash, unbind
x'ar v. live, exist
xa v. is, be
xaand how?
xak'ti n. child, youngling, young one
xhaahar where?
xhak'ti n. adult, grown-up
xhamz why?
xharr what?
xhen who?
xhi v. sing, to sing, play (an instrument)
xhirila n. song, hymn, sonata, serenade, symphony, ode, paean, music, anthem
xie'e v. cheer, praise, exalt
Xilkorik Xilqorik- Name of the Elaedian Dragon God of Civilization and Fire
xoog when?
xotgoriin n. (word-term that is used to name someone who is dishonourable or shameful)

Z Edit

Word Class Meaning IPA
z'laaz n. dragon
zaari v. honour, praise, exalt, worship (used militaristically, something a soldier, warrior, fighter would probably use)
Zake̊doz n. Dai'Behmian (term used for a person who is from the Dai'Behm Clan)
zaglazkila what is going on?
zak'ti n. devil (Devil and demon are 2 different but similar races. Devils are more mischievous and kind even though playful, while demons are more violent and dark)
zalam n. demon
zamaga n. goddess
zanaŋave what is it?
zanda v. fall, descend (upon)
zankiagåtha who are you?
zaŋue n./adj. blood, red, crimson
zar only if...
zatana n. battlefield, war zone
zeliz n. animal, creature
zhank n. drink
zidade n. anthem
zidhanta n. arrow, projectile, bullet
zieg n./v. sleep, slumber
zoguz v. become, turn into, transform
zol for the sake of..., for
zoliz n. friend, comrade, ally, companion
zonne v. commit, act, do
zoo is it?
ztad't int. Come on! Come! Let's go!
Ztelunarea Stellunaria- Name of the Elaedian Goddess of Stars, Space and Matter
zuria v. to sing, to chant
zůtajhilga n. starlight, light of stars, sunlight, moonlight

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