An explanation of consonants in Ylysepen.

Labial Velar Dental Alveolar Palatalized/
Unvoiced plosive p k t
Voiced plosive b g d
Unvoiced fricative f x θ s ʃ
Voiced fricative v ɣ ð z ʒ
Nasal m ŋ [ n ]
Approximant ɹ • l (lateral)

*via yod-coalescence


Phoneme Letter(s) Example(s)
p p pom
k k koner
t t todjém
b b be
g g gelker
d d
dj todjém
f f fyra
x -k kanak
θ tt̛ ott̛ir
s s saa
ʃ sj sjenel
v v fvu
ɣ -g
ð dd̛
z z zel
ʒ zj sezjen
m m, umlaut over bilabials mit, kop̈er
ŋ ŋ, umlaut over velars
n n naris
ɹ r ruzj
l l lasen

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