Verb tags.

Past Present
Remote Recent Immediate Generic/
0 1 1s 0 1 1s 0 1 1s 0 1 1s
Singular ver ver (o) verom sjer sjer (o) sjerom es eso esom ja jao jaem
Plural veren veron verons sjeren sjeron sjerons esen eson esons jan jano jans
Future Relative
Near Remote Predictive
0 1 1s 0 1 1s 0 1 1s 0 1 1s
Singular teẗ̛ teẗ̛ (o) ted̛̈em tt̛ral tt̛ral (o) tt̛ralem kowa kowao kowam émke émko émkom
Plural ten ten (o) tenem tt̛ralen tt̛ralon tt̛ralens kowan kowan (o) kowans émke émko émkom


The man saw the dog. (in the past)
I imer ver o kanak kjosen.


The man just saw the dog.
I imer sjer o kanak kjosen.


The man is looking at the dog.
I imer es o kanak kjosen.


The man generally looks at dogs.
I imer jao kanak kjosen


The man is about to look at the dog.
I imer teẗ̛ o kanak kjosen.


The man will look at the dog.
I imer tt̛ral o kanak kjosen.


The man might look at the dog.
I imer kowao kanak kjosen.


The man wants to look at the dog.
I imer es émko kanak kjosen spɪren.

Syncope occurs with y and the immediate present tags.

Y's murieren.
I am crying.
Y'som lis̈jer o̧los kipzen nelem lyki.
I hold the smooth stones in my hands.

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