This is the lexicon of the Zarchann language, arranged by native order.


The words listed here are in this order: word /pronunciation/ - English equivalent/s

I Edit

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P Edit

Nouns Edit

Pousan /pow-san/ - life pl. pousangg /pow-sang/

Q Edit

X Edit

Nouns Edit

Xeiwa /sey-wa/ - way pl. xeiwagg /sey-wag/

Xesdeiva /ses-dey-va/ - woman pl. xesdanva /ses-dan-va/ - women

Y Edit

G Edit

O Edit

Nouns Edit

Olaovafi /o-law-va-fi/ - thing pl. olaovafigg /o-law-va-fig/

O'oudan /ow ow-wi-dan/ - time pl. o'oudangg /ow ow-wi-dang/

R Edit

C Edit

Nouns Edit

Ceiwa /sey-wa/ - day pl. ceiwagg /sey-wag/

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T Edit

U Edit

Nouns Edit

Uanesumpan /u-a-ni-sum-pan/ - people pl. uanesumpangg /u-a-ni-sum-pang/

K Edit

W Edit

Nouns Edit

Wanei'ir /wan-nei-e ir/ - year pl. wanei'irgg /wan-nei-e irg/

Z Edit

Nouns Edit

Ziloupaca /zi-low-pa-ca/ - child pl. ziloupacairanva /zi-low-pa-ca-ir-ran-va/ - children

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B Edit

D Edit

Nouns Edit

Deiva /dey-va/ - man pl. danva /dan-va/ - men

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V Edit

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