Air- aia

Airplane- aiastroul

Ball- rolok

Bank- bbvav

Beach- pfsa'a

Bed- eidll

Boob- cibeoo

Book- riok

Body- shtobe

Bird- liao

Brain- ihmio

Bread- dan

Car- utbeil

Check- vaagpa

Cloud- of'fia

Clothes- wulif

Coal- carc

Computer- komitur

Container- rllo

Credit Card- vcapa

Dog- kraorl

Eagle- lihio

Elephant- gigaf

Enemy- oendu

Family- kin'nea

Fat- ogo

Fish- fina

Floor- lowfac

Game- gumo

Hair- tlac

Hospital- keddo

House- livott

Ice cream- cilm

Language- oubtja

Leader- khcci

Leg- gal

Light- laau

Milk- lciul

Oil- uul

Orange (fruit)- rogang

Paper- fapap

Person/guy- iyu

Phone- tlla'a

Salt- selt

School- ileotto

Spider- otminera

Store- gvarino

Story- jhcoo

Table- bldas

Teacher- teleu

Television- visurl

Toliet- uktodll

Tomato- rrtowo

Water- aug

Whale- wulg

Wood- troc

Year- cesuyn


To allow- ta lglauu

To arrive- ta bzzpa

To annoy- ta gralca

To ask- ta vecepa

To assume- ta miuym

To be located- ta zta

To cause- ta scamca

To continue- ta cojjta

To control- ta rccpa

To come- ta kumca

To complain- ta venou

To describe- ta krica

To die- ta despa

To do- ta dta

To eat- ta sumu

To equal- ta ewwe

To finish- ta nndita

To hate- ta enca

To help- ta sistca

To hope- ta propa

To kill- ta divestca

To like- ta amca

To learn- ta leu

To leave- ta zgapa

To look- ta olota

To lose- ta snalta

To name- ta nomu

To photograph- ta ofodta

To play- ta jumca

To praise- vamiu

To prepare- ta dabeta

To read- ta rimica

To resist- ta ragta

To return- ta rekuta

To run- ta rnnu

To say/tell- ta vespa

To sing- ta sesca

To sleep- ta eipa

To take- ta tteu

To talk- ta uveta

To tie, bound- ta refeu

To tie (a match)- ta levta

To try- ta uru

To think- ta lettca

To type- ta er'rmmta

To use- ta u'uu

To watch- ta wolta

To wait- ta winta

To win- ta talta

To work- ta nnurca

To write- ta rmmca


Not including adjectives such as amjed, amssp which are created by adding jed or ssp to a verb base.

Awsome- asoik

Dead- aeslss

Fat- oogb

Important- kau

Lazy- en'nn

Rich- vasik

Stupid- eil

Unimportant- uyu

Worthless- vols


Many adverbs are adjectives with the word "int" placed in front( not mean all Adjectives can be turned into Adverbs). These adverbs will not be included in this list.

Often- rjan

Very- ay, nnt, igfis

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