This language is a fanmade dialect of Hymmnos Language from the game, Ar Tonelico. The Zelveria dialect is used by the sever called "Zelvir Falia."

About ZelveriaEdit

Zelveria dialect is invented by the certain group of people from the First Era. This group of people try to make a song server for themselves, too, after hearing about the Ar Tonelico project. The new song server, "Zelvir Falia," is born and uses mainly Zelveria dialect with additional support for Standard, Ancient Metafalss, Sol Cluster note, too. The strong point of this dialect is that it can express complicated, or mixed feelings at the same time.

Interesting facts

- When this dialect is sung, the lyrics glyph will also fly around the singer and engulf her in it.

- There are special priestresses in the city of Laflensia who can use the special "Zelveria Amplifier." When the Zelveria dialect is sung, these priestresses would call the lyrics glyph to them and translate it from "verbal language" into the "body language." To simplify this, these special priestresses can dance to the Zelveria song to amplify its effect!

Zelvir Falia Edit

The special Song Server that isolated itself from the rest of the world. The name Zelvir Falia means "Silver Wings" in the Zelveria dialect. The administrator for this server is Evalia. She is an Origin type. When the Grathnode Inferia was about to start, Evalia used the Song Server, Zelvir Falia, and took the city of Laflensia, where the Zelvir Falia is located, up into the sky. Now, Zelvir Falia works as both a Song Server and the city supporter. Around the city of Laflensia is a barrier brought up by Zelvir Falia to protect the city and to hide it from the rest of the world. The area range of this server is limited to only Laflensia and all reyvateils in this city are all compatible to this server. If a reyvateil from this city travel around the world, Zelvir Falia will automatically transfer the information about this reyvateil to Ar Tonelico and has her switch her song server temporary. On the other hand, if a reyvateil from outside come to the city, the capacity of using song magic will decrease because of the barrier around the city. Even though the Zelvir Falia can act as a relay station for Ar Tonelico, it will focus on the Zelveria dialect more than anything else. The appearance of this server is distinguished by its white wings that folded around the server itself.

More interesting things, Zelvir Falia has its sub-server. It's not actually a sub-server, but a supported server. Inside the city of Laflensia located 6 temples around the city. These temples stored their own server inside. Because Zelvir Falia itself floated on a high altitude from the city ground, these 6 sub-servers are used as relay stations, city supporter and amplifiers. Some sub-server is a energy producer, and some is a water producer. All of them receive energy from Zelvir Falia and send them back, too, in some occasion.

Laflensia Edit

Laflensia is a city that floated alone in the sky, hidden from other places. The people have a very strong spiritual and elemental belief. The 6 sub-server of Zelvir Falia are referred to as "temples." Each of them represent their own power and element. The head Priestess of each sub-servers is the administrator reyvateil. This position can be inherited through a ritual, but most of them are very strictly Pure-blooded Beta type, so they don't inherit it that often. The leader of this city, similar to Metafalss, has two person: a social leader, and a spiritual leader. The social leader is referred to, sometimes, as a human leader, while the spiritual leader is also sometimes referred to as a reyvateil leader. The two are very harmonized since the human one need to be selected by the reyvateil leader and they related to each other as a family, so they are very closed. The social leader needs to deal with social and politics. He/she is like a normal government leader while the spiritual leader acts as a holy priestess to interact with the mother goddess, Evalia. After the Ascension of the city to the sky, the Goddess planned things out and isolated herself in the main server, Zelvir Falia, in the high sky. Also, the head priestesses of each 6 temples are directly under the Holy priestess of the city.


Now, let's see some grammar!

Simple sentence in this dialect:

Verb + E.S. + O + C

Every sentences have "I" as a fixed subject just like normal Hymmnos.

The emotion part is the trick. It comes after verb, and can come in any length of cluster, too. This is the main part about this dialect since it can express much feelings in one line.

Here's the Emotion table.

ra - concentrate na - sad, depressed ya - excited
re - anxious, worried ne - fear, terrified ye - happy
ri - brave, protective ni - nothing, blank-minded yi - relaxed
ro - anger, rage no - despair, disappointment yo - nervous
ru - rush, impatience nu - lonely yu - unconciously, uncontrollabe

example: Hyayayerara = I'm more excited than happier than very concentrate to sing.

hya - to sing

More than that, emotions can be added to the nouns, too.

hyeme - song

Hyaye hyemeye = I'll happily sing a song of happiness.

Adding New Subject Edit

The use of other subjects can be used like this...

E.S. + di + new subject + verb + E.S. +...


Yeya di Kairi_Key hyaraye hyeme = I'm happy and relaxed that Kairi_Key happily and concentratedly sings a song.

di - subject indicator.

The "to" and "for" is used like this..
Hyara til yor - I concentratedly sing to you.

Hyara xon yor - I concentratedly sing for you.

til - to (this "to" is same as "tes" in normal dialect.)

xon - for

Using Bare Verb Edit

We can change verb into noun by use the bare verb.
hilia - hear, listen (depends on the emotions)

Hiliayayu hya = I calmly and unconciously hear a singing.

Ownership Indication Edit

To indicate the ownership of noun is similar to normal dialect.
hyeme oz roze - song of love

roze hyeme - love song

Negative Form Edit

Negative form is done by adding "ze" in front of words.

Ze hyarare - I don't sing concentratedly and anxiously.

Desirative Form Edit

Desirative form is done by adding "shiv" after the verb.

Hyaye shiv - I want to sing happily.

Passive Voice Edit

Passive voice can be inverted from the normal verb by adding "vis" in front of the verb.

Ye hyeme vis hyaye = The song is happily sung.

Time and Tense Indication Edit

We can tell time in Zelveria by adding words.

hyaye pras = I sang, or I have sung.
hyaye ivi = I will sing.

The "ivi" is used to emphasize on the "future time," or "the far future." Normal verbs can give the meaning of future tense, too.

Invitative Form Edit

Normally, all sentence begin with "I," but this rule offer you to the invitative form of "Let's" by adding "Xa" in front of the verb.
Hyaye = I sing (in happiness)

Xa hyaye! = Let's sing!


Words Parts Meanings
Allisya n. The spirit of Light
Auvulla n. The spirit of Water
afreza v. bless
anna n. year
arche v. ascend, rise up, sublimate
aria n. Goddess
auva n. water
beha v. come, visit
bieda v. happen, occur
bis v. be
celia n. heart, core
cemi conj. because
cess prep. with, together with
chs v. change, become, turn into
ciana n. sky
ciska n. field of sky
coil v. hug, embrace, hold
de prep. in, on, at
dea n. God, angel
defalia n. Goddess

(mostly imply to Evalia, the administrator of this server. The word "aria" is less specific to Evalia.)

dejik n. body
dezis adv. here
dezos adv. there
di subject indicator
duche v. descend, come down
dyema v. dance
Elemeria n. The spirit of Spirit
Evisbra n. The spirit of Darkness
emeris n. spirit, soul, mind, magical source, emotional self
en conj. and
enqua v. end, stop
erda n. earth element
exemerizas adv. spread all around
exequr v. execute, put to practice
Frelvada n. The spirit of Wind
falia n. wing
falla v. fly
fau n. bird
faura n. little bird, small bird
flei v. flow
fliza n. fire
flunta v. flutter
frewa n. flower
fwa v. carry, hold, have
Gizmarta n. Spirit of Earth
grande v. protect, guard
grita v. scream, unleash emotion
heiten v./n. hate, hatred
helvesba n. spirit of goddess

Can also mean "Binary Field" in some occasion

hilia v. listen, hear
hya v. sing
hyeme n. song
ivi adv. in the future, shall, will, in far future, future tense indicator
izta n. ice
jeita adj. divine
ji conj. (read more on grammar rule)
jys v. kiss
Kalunta n. The spirit of Lightning
kaling n. hand
kalv v. do
kay v. let, allow
kes v. chant, cast the spell, enchanted
knel v. know
kulvra v. cover
Lifryma n. The spirit of Nature
lasla v. shine
liea v./n. lie, trick
liefa n. wood element, tree
linga n. lightning
lis like, as, the same as (in metaphoric sense...)
lyrn n. lyrics
lyusa n. light
majya n. magic, spell, charm
manem n. name, true name
mebre v. remember, memorize, save, collect
mehl v. wish for, hope for, want to
meirei n. curtain
merte v. die
na E.S. sad, sadness
nakla v. cry
nata v. begin, start, born
ne E.S. fear, afraid, terrified
ni E.S. feel nothing, blank-minded
nive adj. new, fresh
no E.S. despair, disappointment
nu E.S. lonely, loneliness
nulla n. darkness
oche prep. on, over
omnis n./adj. all, everything
oz prep. of
pausa conj. so, therefore, as a result, consequently
praag v. create, craft, make something up
pras adv. in the past, was/were, already, past indicator
que v. ask
quon n. result, the end
ra E.S. concentrated, focus on
re E.S. anxious, worried
remay v. rebirth, begin again, renew, have a second chance
rep v. take away, rip
ri E.S. brave, bold, dare, protective, I want to protect you
ro E.S. anger, rage, wrath
roze n. love
rozen v. love
ru E.S. rush, fervor, impatience
sansa please, indicate the imperative form
sarfis v. offer as a sacrifice, sacrifice
shiv adv. want to, desirative form
shivi v. want, desire
strall v. walk
sunt v. help, rescue
syurez v. seperate to particle, detailize, analyze, spread all out
Tralazza n. The spirit of Fire
teba v. bloom, blossom
til prep. to, toward
tres v. give
ulqu adj./n. mystery, mysterious, wonder, strange
une n. circle
unia v. join, gather
venda n. wind
vis passive indicator
vore n. voice, sound
warme n./adj. warm, warmth
weren n. rain
whelh v. feel, sense

Let's.... (invitative form indicator)

(You need to put this in front of verb.)

xilju n. pain, wound
xon prep. for
xyn v. hurt, injure
ya E.S. excited, excitement
ye E.S. happy, happiness
yel v. relief, cure, heal
yi E.S. relaxed, calm
yo E.S. nervous
yu E.S. unconcious, out of control, uncontrolable
Zeyuvra n. The spirit of Ice
zarlza v. fall down
ze adv. not, negative
zelvir adj. silver
zis pro. this
zos pro. that

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