The Zhifansithrian language is spoken in the fictional universe of Space Melee. It is an alien language so some words may not be pronouncable in English and a lot of grammar will just be totally sounding bogus to you. Many Zhifansithrians are from the planet of Platunio and learn Zhifansithrian, Zinglungsprog, and Pahkchah. Altogether these are the national languages of Platunio and intergalactic trade. Over the centuries though, Zhifansithrian has been influenced by Galaxan which is turn is identical to Latin so you may identify and understand some vocabulary. Now come into the wondrous world of Zhifansithrian!

Basic GrammarEdit

The word order is complex and challenging for the English speaker so lets go over some things. In Zhifansithrian, you have no subject and the verb is just a suffix attached to the object. For instance, if I was to say "The man walked to the store", I would say in Zhifansithrian "Gåforetning" which then literally means "Walk store". This language's vocabulary is primarily based on Danish and Norwegian, but its grammar and syntax are like none other. First of all, there are no inflections, tenses, conjugations etc. which makes it extremely easy to learn, but the main problem is that everything is in the present tense and you have no idea if the person did the action or you did because of the lack of pronouns. As you can clearly see, Zhifansithrian is not for scholars and teachers, but it is a great business and trading tongue and thats really all that matters on the giant, lit casinos of the galaxy.


Zhifansithrian Verbs Zhifansithrian Nouns

Example textEdit

Fødtfriistdenmenniskjae. All human beings are born free and equal with dignity and rights.

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