Ari'Ve is a universal dimension. The name "Ari'Ve" is Ve'Cyel for "The Alpha Dimension".

The Seven Dimensions Edit

Zeroth Dimension- Dot World Edit

First Dimension- Line World Edit

Second Dimension Edit

Third Dimension- Space World Edit

4th Axis Dimension- Time World Edit

This Axis is known as the 4th Dimension, the Dimension of Time. This Axis is where time time flows, and history, future and present times meet with each other.

Fifth Dimension- Possibility World Edit

Sixth Dimension-Collectivity World Edit

Seventh Dimension- Multiverse World Edit

Phonology Edit

The phonology of Ari'Ve is different to the standard english phonology known.

Phonology Symbol Meaning/Pronunciation Phonology Symbol Meaning/Pronunciation
Ø Ж Represents a "ch" sound, like in "chef"
Œ As in "Oe" like "foe". Needless to say, it sounds like the alphabetical "O" Э Represents a "cr" sound, as in "cream"
Æ Has the Japanese pronunciation "ei", like as in "rain" or "vein". Я Represents a hard "th" sound like "D", as in "That"
Ł Ч Represents the "oi" sound, as in "join"
ß И
Г Represents a raised "i" sound, which is pronounced like the Japanese "ai" Ь
Ш Represents a soft "th" sound, as in "thong" Ю
Ф Σ Represents an "eh" sound, like the Japanese pronunciation of "e"
П Δ Represents a "sh" sound, like in "shadow"
Ω Ξ Represents a "ng" sound, like in "fang"
Λ Represents a sharp "C" which sounds nearly like "S" or "Z", Like the letter "C" in "romance" Ψ

Known Languages Edit

Link & Name Description
Arlesong Note
Arlesong Note/Lexicon
Astral Federation Morse Code
Clusternia Note
Clusternia Note/Lexicon
Hymmnolik The Language of the Hymmniel Clan.
Magarca Runes
Neonova Note
Neonova Note/Lexicon

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