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Zzatud Romanization Gender English
ам am F. Mother
баврес bavrhyes M. slave
волж volj M. flag
гоб gob M. war
гоѵ gofh M. horse
гӓюқ gryukx M. water
ӷавс gxavs M. group
дав dav M. tree
даз daz N. day
ёх yosx M. silver
жюз jyuz M. bird
ӂам dham F. egg
ӂӱӓп dhuip M. year
ӂэск dhesk M. month
җёӷ zhyogx M. king
зэлик zelik M. language
зэям zeyam F. star
ѕуљ dzulx N. mouth
итӱл ituil N. sound
ӥон iu'on F. sun
лэдз ledz F, east
љӧтин lxoatin F. freedom
ӧву oavu F. nation, country
ӓисц rists M. forest
сал sal N. sky
сэйц cej'ts M. world
ҭэлғс thelghs M. apple
ӱд uid F. girl
фрим frhim F. horror
ҳал zxal N. meadow


Zzatud Romanization English
афюџ afyudj stop
блюџ blyudj love
ӷэзҋӓд gxezuord have
еқюџ yekxyudj eat
җёџюџ zhyodjyudj write
иқҋӓд ikxuord say
ишюџ iqyudj sleep
кентюџ kyentyudj happen, occur
ҟэблюџ kheblyudj kill
мӱѳюџ muilhyudj hear
ӧстҋѕҋӓд oastuodzuord see
руоҟҋӓд rhu'okhuord start
сҋѷкентюџ cuovhkyentyudj repeat
ялаюџ yalayudj gallop (with horse)
яѷисҋӓд yavhisuord give
яхюџ yasxyudj hear
дцэщҋӓд dtseshuord know


Zzatud Romanization English
баљм balxm elegant
ӂэгӓом dhegrom north
тоѕм todzm ten
ӱлкив uilkiv golden
џейљм djyej'lxm red


Zzatud Romanization English
узв uzv there


Zzatud Romanization English
ёз yoz from
ԅэ zze till
мац mats above


Zzatud Romanization English
цит tsit with
ас as and

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